Capital on the Park Hotel is the 2023 KBS conference venue.

If you would like to book a guest room at the conference hotel, the following special room rates at The Capital on the Park Hotel are available for KBS participants:

  • Standard Room, king bed, single occupancy: ZAR 1,850 (incl. Breakfast) or ZAR 1,600 (excl. Breakfast)
  • Standard Room, twin beds, double occupancy: ZAR 2,100 (incl. Breakfast) or ZAR 1,850 (excl. Breakfast)
  • One Bedroom Apartment, king bed, single occupancy: ZAR 2,600 (incl. Breakfast) or ZAR 2,350 (excl. Breakfast) (apartment includes a kitchenette, living area, washing machine and dryer)
  • One Bedroom Apartment, twin beds, double occupancy: ZAR 2,900 (incl. Breakfast) or ZAR 2,400 (excl. Breakfast) (apartment includes a kitchenette, living area, washing machine and dryer)

To secure your room booking, please email Ms. Chante Niemand, Assistant Banqueting Manager, at  and copy   with the email subject line “2023 Kettil Bruun Society Reservation” so that you can receive the special KBS conference rate. Please note that in order to reserve a room, you need to pay 50% of the hotel fee in advance. Chante Niemand will send you an invoice, and you can pay either by card through the link in the invoice, or by bank transfer.


Other Capital Hotels in Sandton

Two sister hotels of the Capital on the Park are located in the Sandton district and offer special rates to conference participants.


The Capital Empire****

Address: 177 Empire Place x Rivonia Road, Sandhurst, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg +27 (0) 11 911 5000
Prices: Special rates, same as those conference venue. To secure your room booking at Capital Empire, please contact Tshepang Lesoetsa, Banqueting Manager at , and copy with the email subject line “2023 Kettil Bruun Society Reservation” so that you can receive the special KBS conference rate.
Remarks: Only 700 m from Sandton City and Sandton CBD, and behind the US Embassy.

Seven Villa Hotel & Spa*****

Address: 160 Helen Road, Strathavon, 2031 Sandton, Johannesburg +27 (0) 11 384 4900
Prices: Special rates, but more expensive than on the Park and Empire.Special single rates, incl. Breakfast :·  Grand Lux Room: ZAR 2150·  Grand King Suite: ZAR 2650·  Upper Villa Suite: ZA R 3200·  Jacuzzi Villa Suite: ZAR 4200To secure your room booking at Seven Villa Hotel and Spa, please contact Verushka Maharaj, Banqueting Manager at , and copy with the email subject line “2023 Kettil Bruun Society Reservation” so that you can receive the special KBS conference rate.
Remarks: Highest end hotel on our list, also located in Sandton but somewhat outside CBD, with gardens and spa.


Overview of Alternate Accomodations

There are plenty of hotels, apartments and guest houses in the vicinity of the conference venue hotel, The Capital at the Park. The list of accommodations below is just a suggestion, and by no means exhaustive. It contains two basic price levels which surround the venue: (1) national and internationally recognised chains and (2) a number of value-priced options.

Please be aware that the estimated rate per night was calculated in early January 2023, so please check online for current prices. Stars are according to


International/national chain hotels  

Protea Hotel by Marriott, Balalaika, Sandton****

Address: 20 Maude Street, Sandton 2126, Johannesburg +27 11 322 5000
Prices: ca. 75€ per night

Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton*****

Address: Corner of Rivonia Road and Daisy Street, Sandton, 2010 Johannesburg tel:+27 (11) 245 8000
Prices: Ca. 116€ per night
Remarks: The closer of the two Radissons to The Capital on the Park.

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton*****

Address: Corner of Rivonia and West Roads, Sandton, 2000 Johannesburg tel:+27 (11) 286 1000
Prices: Ca. 112€ per night (prepaid)
Remarks: This second of two Radissons is close to the Gautrain Train station as well as relatively close to The Capital on the Park.

The Maslow Hotel, Sandton****+

Address: Rivonia Rd &, Grayston Dr, Gauteng, Sandton, 2031, Sydafrika
+27 10 226 4600
Prices: Ca. 112€ per night
Remarks: The Maslow is renowned as 4-star luxury business hotel. Has a tremendous spa and is only at the other end of the block from conference venue.  

Hilton Sandton*****

Address: 138 Rivonia Road, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg, SA
+27 11 322 1888
Prices: Ca. 86€ per night

Holiday Inn Sandton, an IHG Hotel****

Address: 123 Rivonia Road, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 282 0000
Prices: Ca. from 74€ per night

Southern Sun Katherine Street****

Address: 115 Katherine Street, 2146 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 884 8544
Prices: From ca. 91€
Remarks: Southern Sun is a reliable regional southern African hotel chain with most hotels in SA. This hotel within a ca. 5 min walk to conference venue.

Courtyard Hotel Sandton****

Address: 130 Rivonia Road, 2128 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 884 5500
Prices: From Ca. 74€ (check for specials)
Remarks: Courtyard hotel is the higher end of the City Lodge Group hotel chain. Offers better quality at affordable rates.


Value-priced accommodations  

MINT Hotel 84 on Katherine (“travel sustainable level 3”)

Address: 84 Katherine Street, 2031 Sandton, Johannesburg +27 79 038 9597
Prices: Ca. 54€ per night for standard king room
Remarks: Suites, tents and condos also available.

The Catalyst Apartment Hotel by NEWMARK

Address: 100 Pretoria Avenue, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg +27 10 110 1100
Prices: Ca. 55€ per night
Remarks: This hotel also has apartments available.

Hotel Sky Sandton

Address: 150 West Street Corner West Street & Maude Street, 2031 Sandton, Johannesburg +27 10 880 4449
Prices: Ca. 48€ per night
Remarks: Very affordable hotel with modern furnishings. Suites also available.

City Lodge Hotel, Sandton, Katherine Street

Address: Katherine Street, Sandown, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 444 5300
Prices: Ca. 60€ per night
Remarks: City Lodge is a reliable national hotel chain.

Blackbrick Sandton Edition 1 (travel sustainable level 1)

Address: 25 Fredman Drive, 2031 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 10 001 8080
Prices: Ca. 46€ per night
Remarks: Quite new, very affordable addition to the collection of hotels in Sandton. Also a branch in Cape Town.


Guest houses

Guest houses are commonplace in Africa and South Africa. Also, Airbnb has a large presence in the country as well and also contains guest houses. The following websites also include hotels but their main focus is on guest houses.


Selected higher-end yet affordable guest houses

All three guest houses listed below are farther away from the conference venue, in the suburbs of Sandton and Joburg. Walking would take about 1 hour and driving by car takes between 8 to 20 minutes depending on route and time of day.


Claire’s of Sandton Luxury Guest House

Address: 42 - 8th Street, Parkmore, 2196 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 784 1639
Prices: From ca. 43€ - 55€ at lower end
Remarks: This guest house claims to be a 4-star guest house, among Trip advisor’s top 10 B&Bs in Sandton.

Le Petit Fillan Guest House

Address: 45 Outspan Road, Littlefilian, 2057 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 784 1131
Prices: From ca. 70€ per night
Remarks: Another guest house, rather spaciously situated on what was once a large pre-WWII dairy farm. Now area is removed from the CBD and is deep in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Rivonia Premier Lodge

Address: 3 River Road, Edenburg, Rivonia 2191 Sandton, Johannesburg
+27 11 803 2790
Prices: From ca. 64€ per night
Remarks: This accommodation is located farthest away but in a heavily tree-lined neighbourhood.


Examples of Guest house website directories:


Distances from specific hotels/guest houses to KBS conference venue, Capital on the Park  

No. Name of accommodation Metres (m) or kilometres (km) Minutes on foot
1. Blackbrick 1.5 km 12 min
2. Capital Empire 1.6 km 18 min
3. Catalyst 300 m 4 min
4. City Lodge 850 12 min
5 Claire’s of Sandton 4 km 8-20 min in car
6. Courtyard Hotel 800 m 10 min
7. Hilton 750 m 9 min
8. Holiday Inn 550 m 7 min
9. Hotel Sky 1.1 km 13 min
10 Maslow 1.1 km 14 miin
11. MINT 240 m 3 min
12. Petit Filian 3.5 m 9-10 min in car
13. Protea Balalaika 850 m 10 min
14. Radisson Blu Gautrain 500 m 6 min
15. Radisson Blu Sandton 450 m 6 min
16. Rivonia Premier 8 km 20 min in car
17. Seven Villa 1.7 km 20 min
18. Southern Sun Sandton 450 m 5 min



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