Getting from the OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg to the Sandton District

Please note that you will need to arrange transport to and from the Sandton District at your own cost. We include below the available transport options. 

  • The Gautrain rail 80-kilometre higher-speed express commuter and bus network;
  • E-hailing services:
    • Uber is a fast and reliable means of local transportation in Johannesburg. To get from OR Tambo international Airport to the Capital on the Park or other hotels in the Sandton district, please read the following tips:
      • After you have picked up your luggage at OR Tambo, you can use your Uber app to order a ride to Sandton. After you have ordered your ride (or during or before), you need to go up one level from the baggage collection area. If you take the escalator outside and to the right of the exit from the baggage area, you will walk straight ahead and then when you reach the large circular open area (where you can look below to the ground floor) keep to your left and follow the signs to Parkade 2 of the parking structure. As you enter the building leading to the parking structure, the parking structure will be on your left. The Uber designated pickup area is zone 2E of Parkade 2. This is where your ride will wait to meet you. Fare to or from Sandton to the airport costs roughly ZAR 325. Drop-off will take place at the departing flight's level of the airport. 
      • It’s best to have already downloaded the Uber app before you arrive in Johannesburg.
  • Metered Taxi:
  • Car Hire Services:
  • Private Shuttle Service:
    • NK Shuttles +27 79 441 3082 / +27 78 526 4413 
    • EZ Shuttles +27 86 139 7488
    • Pogiso's Tours +27 87 700 1540 -  

You are advised to use the recommended taxi services listed on our website (above). Please do not use the services of taxi drivers who may approach you in the arrivals hall. They can be pushy, so please be firm in declining their services (e.g. by thanking them and firmly informing them that you have made your own prior arrangements to your destination.)


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