2023 KBS Conference - Updated Conference Programme (Version 4)


Dear 2023 KBS Conference Participant,

The 48th Annual Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society is nearly here and you will soon be on your way to Johannesburg. We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa! 

  • This is to announce the latest version of the conference programme (#4). PLEASE READ IT THROUGH CAREFULLY. This is because there were several requests for changes to the programme since the last version, and thus we had to make substantial changes to several sessions.  This could mean that your presentation has been moved or your discussion assignment has been moved or changed. You may have also become a discussant or chair, so please check this new version carefully.
  • Let us also take this opportunity to remind you to please pay your registration fee and social tour fee if you have chosen to go on a social tour.
  • Finally, we kindly remind you to please upload your paper now. In the event that you truly need more time, please remember that it is your responsibility to contact your discussant and make appropriate arrangements with him or her.

Thank you very much and safe travels to Joburg!

The KBS 2023 Local Organising Committee

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