Privacy Statement of the KBS 2022 Symposium

1. General terms

The Kettil Bruun Society for Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol (KBS) highly values your privacy.  KBS process, store, and secure the personal data with the utmost care in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All personal data passed on to the KBS for KBS Society purposes will be treated as confidential. Limited personal data are collected, held for the following reasons and used in the following ways:

  1. for members of the Society, for the performance of registration of membership,
  2. for communication about KBS official activities, including annual and thematic meetings and committee activities,
  3. for attendees of the KBS Annual symposia, for the organisation of the symposia,
  4. for Annual KBS symposia alongside abstracts and papers in the KBS archives - these details act as official records of the KBS symposia proceedings and contribute to research dissemination and collaboration.

The information will not be re-used for any purpose incompatible with the aims and functions of KBS. When personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which these were collected, the collected data will be destroyed or anonymously processed.

KBS process your personal data because you gave (explicit) consent. If you give KBS consent to process your (special) personal data for specific purposes, you can withdraw your consent at any moment.

When KBS provides data to a third party (i.e. Annual Symposia organizers), KBS make agreements with this party such as (i) that they cannot use these personal data for any other purposes than those for which the personal data are being provided and (ii) that they take security measures needed for protecting the personal data.

KBS takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures required to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access by others.

KBS optimizes security, for instance by:

  1. saving data separately and using encryption, where appropriate;
  2. using password protection;
  3. limiting access to your personal data (only those people needing access for purposes outlined above will get access);
  4. contractual provisions to confidentiality.

2. KBS Membership, for those who join the Society

In joining KBS you acknowledge that your name and email will be:

  1. used for the performance of registration of KBS membership and follow up,
  2. used to communicate to you about KBS official activities, specifically, annual and thematic meetings and committee activities, e.g., voting,
  3. stored by the Co-ordinating Committee while you are a member and for up to 5 years after your last membership payment.

3. KBS Symposia

All personal data passed on to the KBS Annual Symposium organizers will be treated as confidential. The data is necessary for the performance of the registration. The information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose. The data will be stored on Annual Symposium website for 12 months after the Symposium. Thereafter, participants’ names, abstracts and articles will be transferred to the KBS archives, hosted on the website. Data shall be delivered to assigned service providers, as deemed necessary for the successful performance of the Symposium. The organizers of the Annual Symposium will only disclose information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose(s) identified above. Full papers and abstracts will be made available on the Annual website to registered Symposium participants and authors.

If you participate in KBS annual or thematic symposia:

  1. your name and research presentation title will be made publicly available as part of the program at symposia associated with the official KBS website,
  2. your abstract and draft paper will be archived at, along with your name and email in perpetuity (with these archives available only to KBS members),
  3. conference delegate emails will be used to promote future KBS symposia and thematic meetings, but not for any other promotional purpose

When you make use of the Annual Symposium website to provide a payment, we will process personal data – depending on what is required in the specific case – among which name, surname, address, postal code, city, bank account or credit card number.

The Annual Symposia organizers process your personal data based on your consent and you are at all times entitled to withdraw your consent. This does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the withdrawal.

 4. Rights, data protection and management

Right to access. You are entitled to ask KBS which personal data concerning yourself we process. You can make a request to access these personal data and ask KBS for a copy thereof.

Correction. You can request KBS to correct your data. For instance, if you wish to receive mail or any other (digital) correspondence from KBS at a different address, then you can request that KBS correct these data. If your your last name changed, you can also request that KBS change your data.
You also can request that KBS adjust your data should these data appear to be incorrect or incomplete. KBS will promptly adjust your data.

Complaints. Should you wish to put in a complaint about the use of your personal data you can contact Dr Sandra Kuntsche at .

Dr Sandra Kuntsche is independent from the local organiser, not involved in data collection handling or storage, and monitors compliance of the GDPR on behalf of the Kettil Bruun Society.

Dr Sandra Kuntsche (KBS Secretary)
Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR),
School of Psychology & Public Health,
NR1, Room 112
La Trobe University
Bundoora, VIC 3086
T: +61 (03) 9479 8770


The Privacy Statement was last updated January 30, 2022.





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