Abstract Submission

The KBS Symposium focuses on discussion of pre-circulated papers, which one of the authors summarises in a 10-minutes presentation. The presentations are followed by a discussant’s comments and time for general audience participation (comments, questions) and the author’s response.

Submission of your abstract

Eligible researchers are now invited to submit informative abstracts using the form below. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 10 February 2023.

Empirical research, theoretical papers and reviews of the literature on alcohol use are welcome. Social and epidemiological studies will be interpreted in a broad context, as they include research from a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, criminology, economics, history and other sciences. Papers on other forms of substance use such as tobacco and drugs also are accepted, when they consider the relation to alcohol use.

The word limit for an abstract is 250 words
For reports of empirical research, the abstract should be structured into sections: introduction, methods, results and conclusions.

Submission of your papers

Decisions on abstracts will be sent out on 15 March 2023, and if you are invited to submit a full paper, the deadline for submissions will be 30 April 2023. Please show others courtesy by respecting the submission deadline to allow your discussant time to prepare their comments in advance.

The KBS conference is unique in that pre-circulated manuscripts are an integral part of the conference experience. Please observe this element of the conference and be sure to write and submit your paper in time. A submission extension will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Please communicate proactively with the conference organisers and your discussant should you require an extension.

You will be asked to submit your full paper through this website, where it can be downloaded by all participants. Please indicate by watermarking or stating in the header and footer if you do not want participants to cite or share the paper without your permission. You will also need to email a copy of your full paper to your discussant, who will be identified in the draft program when it becomes available.

Presenting at KBS

We assume that the person submitting the abstract will take responsibility for presentation of the paper. To ensure that the programme is accurate, please let the organisers know if someone other than the person submitting the abstract will present the paper. All presenters must register for the conference.

All papers should be submitted before the deadline to allow time for discussants to produce useful and interesting comments and for others to read the conference papers in advance of the presentation.

Papers are presented in 10-minute slots, and session chairs will be strict about timing. Each block of two papers is followed by a discussant's comments and general audience participation (including time for the author to respond), so it is expected that presentations will conform to the time limit.

Changes to attendance or abstract

Changes are difficult to accommodate so please only withdraw or make changes if this is unavoidable, and give the organizers as much notice as possible if you have to change your plans or the title or content of your presentation.

Please note that if we have not received your registration fee by 30 April 2023, we will withdraw your abstract.

Conflict of interest statement and declaration of funding and support

KBS is committed to the principle of transparency in matters of conflict of interest. The Society wishes to ensure that KBS conferences proceed without including or benefitting alcohol industry actors. This has two important implications:

  1. A declaration of funding and support is mandatory when submitting an abstract. You need to declare all funding and other support relating to the presented work regardless of source, but in particular paying attention to circumstances involving or relating to an alcohol industry organisation including industry-funded research councils or charitable foundations.
  2. Alcohol industry actors are not eligible to present or co-author a KBS conference contribution or to attend KBS events.


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