Football Game

As is now a firm tradition, there will be a friendly game of football on Tuesday evening! Please come to play or watch and be part of KBS Football (hi)story. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join, even if they (think they) can't or won't play. So let’s see each other there for some fun-filled football :-) 

Separately coloured t-shirts will be provided to both teams. 

This year’s KBS friendly football game will take place at the Montrose Primary School in Sandton, which is less than 5km from the conference hotel, Capital on the Park. The well-lit and secured grass football pitch will be waiting for us on Tuesday afternoon from 18h15. 

Please meet us in the Capital on the Park lobby at 18h00 for a short bus ride to the Montrose Primary School. The bus will depart from Montrose Primary back to the Capital on the Park at 19h45. 

91 12th Street


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© photos from Utrecht 2019 made by Michael Livingston


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